Some requests from our readers


Hello again, and thank you for your reactivity.

Two requests:
- Would it be possible to display on the book sections pane whether a section contains audio or not? Sigtuna used to show a musical note on a section to display that information. It is very useful for books that are not recorded in the exact order of the content, and to make sure one does not forget to record anything. It could be a background color?

- Is it possible to remove/hide unused profiles? We only need the VA-Insert et our custom profile (a modified VA-Overwrite).
The basic/advanced/SBS etc... is more confusing than useful for our users. It would be useful to be able to rename them as well.

It is a bit tricky to switch language. I had French by default, and wanted to switch to english. I had to try English(UK) (which said "not yet implemented"), then English (same thing), and then English US, which worked. It would be clearer to only have available translations.

Then I wanted to switch back to French, but was not able too. Obi says "Obi has to be restarted etc...", but when I restart, it is still in english.


Simon Schulé

Hello Simon,

If you are using VA-Insert profile,empty sections in TOC view have a magenta background color.
For custom profiles you can check the checkbox "Highlight empty sections in TOC view" in project tab in Preferences.

Sorry to say currently its not possible to hide/remove default profiles(Basic,Intermediate,Advance,SBS,3 VA profiles) in Obi.
You can create your custom profile and rename it.Select your favorite profile in Advance tab in Preferences(Ctrl+Alt+F) or through Transport bar(Ctrl+F5).

In Obi 3.9.1 , you can switch to English language , by selecting English or English(United States) in User profile tab in Preference.
To switch back to french language you can either select French or French(France) both are working in Obi 3.9.1.
For every language change Obi needs to be restarted.

Thanks & Regards