Tobi of Obi?


Hi Daniel,

In the documentary its says that "Tobi is not suitable to author structure-only audio books (e.g. NCX-only DAISY). You may want to use Obi".

1. Can you explain why you do not advise to use Tobi as a production tool in de studio for recording NCC-only books?
2. Can you provide a list of countries where Tobi is succefully implementated as a recording production tool? We know that the CBB in The Netherlands is using it in a studio environment

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CHJ Dedicon The Netherlands

Tobi is a production tool for full-text full-audio Daisy digital talking books. Tobi is text-oriented, in the sense that the user interface is text-centric, with an attached audio waveform view that presents the synchronized aural narration. Obi, on the other hand, offers an audio-centric authoring interface, with a usage focus on structured audio (as reflected by its special waveform display).

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your answer. So when you do not want to use Obi for ncc-only narration books in a professional studio environment, the use of Tobi is not a recommendation. Is there another suitable and flexible production tool you recommend to make Daisy ncc-only books within the Daisy Consortium? There has to be an xml-editor on board because of our designed workflow we use to produce papers and magazines. Your suggestions are welcome.

Kees Boon (CHJ) Dedicon

Obi currently is the most popular and suitable tool for ncc only DAISY book production. Obi can automatically create the structure of a book by importing a CSV, XHTML or DTBook file. The file being used should contain the names of sections and subsections in the prescribed format. If you are creating the book structure using XML, then consider converting it to a format that Obi can import. You may like to have a look at these articles in DAISYpedia.

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