Audio recording/ HDD sleep mode Tip:


Audio recording/ HDD sleep mode Tip:

It has been observed that after returning to recording session after a lunch-break or similar break from recording session, it is possible that there can be a HDD delay when entering recording mode immediately after invoking next recording command.

If using Mechanical Hard Drives (HDD), as opposed to newer non-mechanical Solid State Drives (SSD), it is a good idea to adjust your HDD power settings in Windows settings.

This is so that your HDD does not enter ‘sleep-mode’ after a period of non-activity within a continuous Obi recording session.

This recording delay occurs because the HDD is still ‘waking’ from sleep mode after Windows has initially detected new user activity.

In order to prevent HDD from entering sleep mode make the following adjustment to HDD sleep mode settings:

Go to:

Control panel /Power Options / Change plan settings /Change advanced power settings/Hard disk.
Change setting to 0 (never) minutes.

This will prevent issue of HDD entering sleeping mode during period of user non-activity detection.