Display in the Section panel what is read ?


Hello, I use OBI 3.9.1. When I start to listen to a recording the Display in the Section panel is on the 'Première Partie' (first part in english). That 'Première Partie' has only one Phrase, then the next section is the 'Chapitre 1' with hundreds of Phrases. The problem we have is that the Display stays on 'Première Partie' when the reading continue to the next section (this is normal, it is what we want). I would like a way for the Display to automatically move to the display of what is currently read. So that we can follow if the reading corresponds to the book. If I click on 'Chapitre 1...' to display it, then the reading is stopped and will restart at the beginning of 'Chapitre 1'. It is not what we need. I would like a way to reach on the Display panel what is currently read. Possible in OBI ?

If you look at the screen capture below, you can see the Display at 'Première Partie' but what I am hearing is that 'Chapitre 1...' Phrase 28 of 560. we would like a way either to have the display updated automatically to the reading or at least a way (via a button) to be able to

do it ourself.





I think you are selecting section ('Première Partie') in TOC view and giving Play all command.
In play all command when the current section ('Première Partie') playback is completed, the next section('Chapitre 1') will automatically start playing(but not visible in content view) but as you had selected section('Première Partie') in TOC view the same will be visible in Content view.

You can check play on navigate command in Transport menu or press Ctrl+U key to activate it.
So whichever section is selected in content view the playback will automatically start.
You can navigate through sections in Content view using Ctrl+shift+ up/down keys and keep listening the audio.
Also if section is selected in TOC view and not visible in content view then press F6 key ,the selected section will be displayed in content view.
In playing options(Ctrl+F7) in Transport bar,select play section, any section selected will be played.

Thanks & Regards