Display french chars in OBI 3.9 TOC ?


Hello Rachana and Avneesh,
I copied a whole french book ("Tu vois ce que je veux dire") in a Dropbox folder to allow you to help us to correctly display the french accents (èàéâôûüù...) and the french chars (ç...) in the OBI TOC. When we receive the book as recorded by our readers, we receive lot of MP3,SMIL,NCC
files.They could be encoded using ISO 8859-1. When we use the Project Importation with OBI 3.9 it is working fine BUT the display the Sections
is not correct. The french accents or chars are badly displayed. Screen capture 1.

- I tried to redo the Import after having updated the XML or HTTP encoding values (from ISO 8859 1 to UTF 8) in the NCC HTML and the SMILs
original files but, result is the same in OBI TOC. Screen capture 2

- If I update after Importation in OBI, the 'title' of the Sections, then OBI display the Section correctly. Screen capture 3

So it is at the Import step that the problem resides.

Is it possible for us to display correctly the french chars in OBI ? If yes...;-) How ?

Thanks for your support
Eric Houdy

Hello Eric,

Thanks for sharing the book through Dropbox.
I imported your book in Obi and saw the french characters which are not properly displayed.
It looks like there there is a bug in import module.
We have identified it and will be fixing in next release.

With Regards

Hello Rachana,

thanks for the fixe in a next release.

In the meantime, if you use a 'good' text editor ;-) like EditPlus or Notepad++ and open the NCC.HTML
BEFORE opening OBI and before Importing in OBI and if you 'CONVERT' the file to UTF-8 then Save.
It should work. I did it for the book I am refering to and it is working fine after Importation in OBI.
Anyhow as an 'end user', I should not worry if my NCC.HTML is coded in ANSI or ISO 8859 or UTF-8
so the fixe will be welcome.