How Do I Split a Long Paragraph Into Smaller Sections?



I am very new and cannot find a solution to this problem. Basically, I am trying to work on a one-paragraph text just to experiment. Now, the paragraph is really long. How can I divide it into smaller pieces so that I can record my voice in a more comfortably? This should also make the final product more digestible to the reader. If I read a 5-line paragraph in a single shot it is going to be pretty tiresome and ugly to hear.


Dear Nelson,

Tobi can enable you to select each sentence inside a paragraph provided the text was marked up at sentence level before import into Tobi. If the paragraph you have imported into Tobi was marked up only at paragraph level, then it will not be possible for you to synchronize audio at the sentence level.

Toggle the state of the checkbox "Auto adjust granularity" on the Document toolbar (near the middle of the screen). If checked, the commands Select Next Phrase and Select Previous Phrase will automatically go the chunk of text to which audio can be synchronized.

If the text you imported is not marked up at sentence level using "sent" element, then you will need to prepare the text again and import in Obi.

Note that if you have used the Save as DAISY translator to prepare the text then you should use the "Full DAISY" conversion to mark-up text at sentence level.

Also see Tobi Online Manual particularly the section on Tobi Project and DTB Creation.