OBI 3.9 how to display page number in TOC view ?



we are moving from PLEXTALK to OBI. We use OBI 3.9 (Windows 10).
The TOC view displays the sections title and the tree-structure of the book.
Is there a way to display the Page number related to all the sections in the TOC view ?
What we would like to achieve is when checking the recording and when listening to the TOC section of the book itself,
we would like to see the tree structure of the book like in the current TOC view but with the page number corresponding of the
I join 2 screens captures, one as in OBI 3.9 and the other with what we would like to see

Is it possible ? Is there a parameter somewhere in OBI to be able to add the display of the page number in the TOC view ?

Thanks for your help

Hello Eric,

Welcome to obi forum and thanks for using Obi.

You can see pages in each section of the book by following features :

1.Press Ctrl+F3. SpecialPhraseList dialog will open.
2.From the combo box, you can select type of page you want to see.
3.For eg if you select All Pages then press Find Button and you will see list of all pages in the Listbox. Each item in the list contains section name with position of phrase and page number.
4.You can also select the page in the box and play it.
5.On pressing OK button the focus will land on that page in content view.

Also you can move to a page phrase in the content view using Ctrl+ PageDown and Ctrl+ PageUp key.

Hope i am able to resolve your issue , if you have any further issues please do mail back to us.
You can also mail us at

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Thanks Rachana, yes it helps us. It is not 'exactly' what we would like to have (to see the page numbers in the TOC itelf) but let' say that it allows us to see the page numbers when we are listening to the TOC of the book it self. One comment related to what I see using Ctrl + F3: In the window (using Ctrl + F3) in the middle there is the list of sections + number of phrases + page number. Fine. Is it possible to extend this box to see more or less all the sections ? In the lower right corner of that window there is a way to extend the window, but it does not extend the box itself in the middle (see my screen shot). Again thanks for your help

Thanks Eric for replying.
I am unable to see image here.
Can you please send us the image at .

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I received a CD with a DTB as created by a reader for us. There is a NCC.HTML, some MP3s, SMILs and so on. When I try to create a new OBI project by importation after having checked the name of the book + the ID + selected a new directory, the importation starts and after a while a very vague error message appears in french: <>. I have no idea why this is happening. Is there a place with error messages or whatever ? I am able to open this book in PLEXTALK. I can send you the ncc.html + some other files if you need ?
I am going to send to Rachana at least the error message.
Thanks for your help

Hello Eric,

I have received the files,thanks for sending it.
We are looking into it.


Hello again,

We used your files to check the error, it looks that your mp3 file is not made in standard format
so Obi is not able to import this mp3 file.