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Please explain exactly how to modify a DAISY Audio format book Downloaded from BookShare so that it uses an audio file for the title. Purpose: For BookShare the DAISY Audio TTS conversion works great, except that it does not produce an audio file for the book title. So, the NLS DTB player is silent for that book when navigating through the Bookshelf. I tried comparing the text files {SMIL, OPF, NCX} produced by Tobi's TTS conversion output, which does produce an audible title, with that from BookShare and could not figure-out how the two variants correspond. so please explain which files to modify and how. Assume I record a file saying the title. And Is there a checksum or CRC for the package to deal with?

Could you please confirm that you downloaded a book from Bookshare in a format described on their website as "DAISY Audio - Similar to the Daisy 3.0 option above; however, this option uses mp3 files created with our text-to-speech engine that utilizes Ivona's Kendra voice. This will work with Daisy Audio compatible players such as VictorReader Stream and Read2Go" [source:]



Exactly, looking forward to your advice.

In this case, make sure that you followed all the instructions for transferring their books to the NLS player - provided on the Bookshare website:

Then, I suggest you contact Bookshare to confirm that you can modify the file / title in question as they have some pretty clear guidelines posted to their website at

Bookshare already responded that they don't know how to fix it, I am a blind person, and wish to make this minor modification strictly for my own personal use, in full compliance with their license to me as a paid member. so I look to you to please resolve this impediment to my accessibility.

Others may provide different options / workflows, but I would start with the MP3 file(s) as I don't know exactly how Bookshare creates their DAISY-audio books. I would use free Obi software (Windows only).

You may need to make additional adjustments. Obi allows to create a book structure manually and record or import audio.

  • Download and install Obi []
  • Open Obi and create a new project.
  • Name your project using the book title.
  • Double click on the box with the title name on the right hand side to open the contents.
  • To import audio files, go to Phrases -> Import audio files
  • Check order, check settings (have them checked off)
  • Choose Phrase detection on imported files
  • Hit OK
  • Check Phrase settings. Change Leading silence to 10. Leave others unless you think they need to be changed
  • Hit OK
  • Let it process.
  • Once processed, check table of contents naming and order
  • Export to DAISY by going to Tools -> Export as DAISY/EPUB 3
  • Choose DAISY 2.02 for structured audio if this option is available
  • Choose export location. Check Encode to MP3. Bit rate depends on the original (usually the same as the original, minimum 64)
  • Check Append section name to audio file name

Other resources:

Dear Larry,

I will soon send you steps in detail to modify the book. I hope to make it simple to implement with free tools only.

I will ensure that the process is accessible, I am myself a screen reader user.

Please give me 1 day time.


Thank you for suggesting Obi, it is a absolutely huge improvement over Tobi.
1) Question: In "Preferences" TTS dropdown has no choices. How can I fix this? Anna is my default system voice.

2) I found this Fix for getting titles to speak in NLS player’s bookshelf
Start with a BookShare as DAISY Audio .zip package and unzip package to a folder
My Research in Obi:
File --> New project from Import of existing DAISY Book, specify the package’s .opf file
Delete the notice at the top, thus making the 001 file, the first (title) section.
Tools --> Export as DAISY
Turn-off phrase detection to speed-up the process
Check enable encoding MP3
Leave as default DAISY 3 format only.
This process takes several steps and a lot of time.
But looking at the output compared with the original BookShare download just for this one book, reveals how to remove the need for Obi
To remove the need for Obi,

Incert into the original .ncx file XML (see wikipedia XML article) within the element, after the “text”block”,the following sub element:

note: Replace the name of the mp3 file with the exact filename of the .001 mp3 file from the unzipped package.
Note: The clip start and end are time in seconds. Here approximately capturing just the title.
Of course, you can record your own title file and use it instead, with the start = 0 and the end = duration of your file.

If you write a program to automate the procedure for a group of all books in a folder that would be absolutely great!
Otherwise, I will complete the program I started today, and will share the executable as soon as possible.
Larry Silvermintz, PhD

Dear Larry,

Great that you have yourself figured out the manual method to modify the DAISY book using Obi or Tobi. At present there is no script which can do what you intent to achieve automatically. There is a tool named DAISY TopUp which can insert a audio file selected by the user at second position in the index. But it works with DAISY 2.02 audio books only.

If you create any program then please share it. You should validate the book using DAISY Pipeline to ensure that the script does not introduce errors in the book.