(X)HTML conversion script fails to load


Hello Pipeline 2 developer team

we have tried several times to execute two (X)html conversion scripts

  1. (X)HTML to EPUB
  2. (X)HTML to PEF

While trying to execute these scripts, the script fails to load. As a result, we get the text

"An error occured when trying to post job"

(X)HTML input file has been made from proper epub file via epub3 to (X)HTML script.

Could you please explain how the script could be made to load?

Our Pipeline 2 system info:

Pipeline 2 Web UI version: 2.5.1 Pipeline 2 Engine version: 1.9.16-SNAPSHOT


From the system info, it seems that you're using a Pipeline version built form source? Do you have the same issue with one of the available releases?


If yes, can you please send a log file?


I'm unable to get the log file as the error message "An error occured when trying to post job" is displayed in GUI. Yes, the Pipeline 2 is installed from the source in Windows Server 2008 in order to test new pipeline braille script. It seems that these scripts

(X)HTML to EPUB (X)HTML to PEF are broken in our system.