Dolpin Publisher crashing on validation attempt


After importing a .docx text file into Dolphin I attempt to build the project but when trying to validate get a message saying "Validate XML Step 4 of 11; Errors 0". At that point Dolphin freezes and forces me to exit the program (at the top it says "Dolphin not responding". The imported file is in Spanish and is the first I've tried in a language other than English. Is this a language issue, or something else? Any ideas would be helpful.

It is unlikely to be a language issue. Have you recorded or imported audio files into the project or did you generate speech through TTS? The selected TTS has to be for the same language as of the document.

You may send the document to me for testing. My email ID is pverma(at the rate)

Thanks for your response! No audio files were imported. Only the text file is being used, which will be read in a Daisy Reader Stream device. The original file came from a Microsoft Word (.docx) document that has 669 pages. How much do you charge for your services?

Dolphin Publisher cannot create a valid text only DAISY book as of now. If audio is not inserted, the resulting DAISY book is not fully valid. However, the build process should go through even without audio.

I am a part of technical support team of DAISY Consortium. Therefore there are no charges for this troubleshooting. You can send your document to me and i will suggest the changes required and alternative ways of conversion. All this will be free of cost.

If you want to outsource the conversion work, we may be able to refer you to companies and individuals who do it.

Once again my email ID is pverma(at the rate ) Note that i have intentionally replaced the @ sign to avoid spam.

Thanks for your help in this matter. I was able to find a source that fixed the problem. Hopefully it won't happen again!