Word files translated in DAISY Format through DAISY add-in



I am a special educator in a school in India. We are trying to help our students afflicted with Dyslexia by creating DAISY books.

I have installed the DAISY add-in in my MS Word and have successfully created/converted some word documents in DAISY format. When I use the AMIS software for reading these files, it is generally successful, in that, we can hear a voice-over and highlighted text.

The problem I am facing is that the speed at which the text is being read is a bit more. The button in AMIS software which can reduce the speed is disabled and I cannot therefore control the speed.

How do I reduce the speed? Please help...


Dear Ranjana,

I am a part of the DAISY technical support team and i am also based in India. Great to know that you are using DAISY for Dyslexic students. DAISY is used widely in developed countries for students with Dyslexia and is considered to be a very efective mode of learning.

AMIS has not been updated for a long time and based on the OS and browser combination on your computers there may be certain issues.

I suggest that you try out other DAISY readers. You can install the free DDReader+ and open the Z3986 folder created by the Save as DAISY translator.

You can also checkout EasyReader which has more features and is considered particularly good for learners with Dyslexia. You will get the demo version of this software from the above link.

Please do write again to share your findings and experiences.

Thank you so much for your prompt and very helpful reply. I will definitely try with DDReader+ and also EasyReader. Will share the findings..

Thanks again,