Daisy 3 Text Only to TTS Audio


Please explain exactly how to use a program such as Pipeline to convert a Daisy 3 Text-Only book, such as the https://www.bookshare.org/download/book?titleInstanceId=617463&downloadFormat=DAISY to Synthetic Speech, using the Windows SAPI voice of my choice.
For some reason, the Daisy Pipeline Configurable Validator says the zip, opf and ncx files are all invalid. Likewise the Daisy 3 to Daisy 2 and the Narrator scripts report errors.

You can use Tobi which has much updated scripts. Install the free Tobi, import the XML file from inside the book downloaded from Bookshare and then generate speech using preferred TTS. Tobi has additional options to choose different TTS voices for differetn text elements such as headings.

Finally you can export and create a DAISY 3 book.

To download Tobi go to www.daisy.org/tobi. The DAISYpedia has many tutorials and videos on Tobi including a video on the use of TTS.

I just tried to convert the book you referred to and the process in Tobi went through without any errors.