DAISY3 on AMIS3.1.3


I'm using AMIS3.1.3 on Windows7 PC. Try playing DAISY3 full-text full-audio book. I'm having following two problems. Please let me know how I can avoid those problems.

  1. When I navigate to the previous phrase, beginning of the phrase won't be pronounced. For example, when I navigate to the phrase "The manual has been prepared for the following target audience", audio narrate "has been prepared for the following target audience". This happen to all sentences when I navigate to the previous phrase. When I navigate to the next phrase, there is no problem.

  2. When I open DAISY3 book on AMIS3.1.3, all text have blue color and underline. How can I avoid this?

Regarding part of phrase being cut off, it is a known limitation of AMIS. This is due to a bug in Ambulant. Since AMIS is not being updated now, i am afraid, this issue will not be fixed in near future.

The book text may be appearing with underlining due to the way it was created. This should not happen in all books particularly from different sources.

Thank you for your reply. I understand a situation of AMIS. Regarding the underline display (link), it appears with all DAISY3 books no matter how it was prepared and for all text in a book.

Hi, I have this strange issue concerning the layout of the book layout in AMIS 3.1.3. First I opened a book (DAISY 2.02) in AMIS 3.1.3. The layout of the sections where in blue underlined lines. The textstyle or CSS contrasts had no effect. After I tampered with some files of the book,putting back everything in its Original state, the layout was different in AMIS. The sections where no longer displayed in blue underlined lines.The textstyle and CSS contrasts now had effect. The strange thing is I downloaded the exact same book, and again the layout in AMIS was blue and underlined. I made a diff between the files of the 2 books and NO difference was found. I was not able to alter the layout (in non blue underlined lines. Again the textstyle and CSS contrasts had no effect) of the freshly downloaded book.

Any ideas on this one?

Thanks in advance.

Can you please share the book for testing? My email id is pverma(at the rate)daisy.org

Dear PVerma,

Thank you for your swift reply.
I work at a library as a volunteer. I am totally new to DAISY, have no IT degree, but I do have a background in software testing.But I am quite interested in the subject.
So please consider this a 'low severity issue'. I do not want to waste your time.

After I posted this post, I did some more research.

After a DAISY book has been build (LPstudiopro and a software called DAISY builder) and I open it in AMIS, the structure of the sections in the left screen are alterable by the 'pagestyle option' to change the CSS style. However, if I copy the same book (all MP3,SMIL, and HTML files) to another PC (my local PC) on the local drive, the structure in the leftscreen is different. Sections are blue and underlined.

The DAISY builder software also produces a second HTML file apart from the NCC file. (I do not know if this counts for every builder software, or just the one that we use). If I open this second HTML file, do a change, put i back into it's original state, and save it, the structure in AMIS (on my local PC) is the same as the structure on the original PC (or drive) in AMIS. The CSS option in the menu has again effect.

So in my opinion this 'issue' has something to do with copying books over to drives or servers. I did not yet try on other operating systems than Windows.
Maybe this is not related to DAISY or AMIS at all, but the way Windows handles copying over drives?

Extra information: If I alter second HTML file from my PC on the server, this 'trick' has no effect. If open the book from my PC, the layout in AMIS on the left panel is still blue and underlined, and CSS layers have no effect.

Again, I am a volunteer, but I like to test. I cannot officiallly speak for the organisation I volunteer for. I will collaborate with my superior.
Before sending out books. I will have to ask permission.

And this is actually not a real problem, because our readers have always been presented this format. There have been no complaints.
I also have no idea how many customers use AMIS for reading DAISY books. I'm just trying to find the root cause, why the left panel style changes in AMIS while copying to another drive. I still have to discover how other countries handles these things.

Next test will be to RAR or ZIP the book and put them on my local drive. And then maybe send them to you.
Maybe this no DAISY concern, but if I can contribute in any way to the DAISY community, It will be my pleasure.



Dear PVerma,

I have made a mistake in my previous post. Wherever I noted 'left panel' in AMIS it should be 'RIGHT panel'.
Sorry for the mistake,

Kind regards,


Dear Mayu Hamada,

I noticed the same thing with DAISY 2.0.2 books in AMIS 3.1.3. On the drive where the books have been build, the layout of the structure in the left pane, is NOT blue or underlined. The CSS style option can be used , and we can change the color of the structure tekst. To me it seems if you copy over a book to antoher drive, then the structure is indeed blue and underlined. Please read my post below. A workaround could be to RAR the book, copy it over, and unRAR it. The structure will not be blue or underlined.

Dear Hendrik, Thank you for your message. I tried Compress my DAISY3 book by WinRAR and copy it to USB drive and extract RAR but still having blue text and underline on the contents view. It only happens with DAISY3 books on AMIS on the PCs which I tried. Thanks, Mayu

Blue color and underline text display probrem didn't happen when we were using IE9 or before. It happens when we use a PC with IE 10 or 11. Mayu

Hi Mayu,

Thanks for the info. I tested this issue on an IE8 configuration, and indeed, the layout was 'correct'. (with DAISY 2.02 books.)
But how many readers still use these old browsers...

I can give you RAR file from a book (PLEASE notice it's a 2.02 book, the we RAR'ed on the local 'bookbuilding PC', placed on a networkdrive, the copied it to another PC (local: C drive, USB,...) . Then we unrar'ed it and were able to play this book with 'correct' layout on an IE11 configuration.

If you want I send you a dropbox download link (or in another way of your choice), if you provide me your email addres, should you want to try it.

You can PM me on driekes39[at]gmail.com

If you can play it with 'correct' layout there might be some difference between DAISY 2.02 and DAISY3 that causes this. Again, should you have the time to try this. I'm just investigating this, because someday it might help someone in the DAISY community.



I did the test myself with the RAR file, and is not working. So I won't send you a rar file and waste your time.
But now users cannot change the CSS settings option in AMIS...

We found that there are some PCs which can display some of the DAISY3 books on AMIS3.1.3 with no problem even the PC have IE11. However, AMIS3.1.4 have display problem on those PCs too. And those PCs still have problem to display DAISY3 book generated by Save as DAISY Translator. We still can't find why some PCs can display some of the DAISY3 on AMIS3.1.3 and some PCs can't display DAISY3 on AMIS3.1.3. Mayu