Missing Endnote

Every time I save a document with endnotes in DAISY XML, it starts the endnote numbering at 0 and then forgets to insert it in the endnotes section.

So the first endnote in the body of the text will look like this:
<noteref idref="#endnote-0" class="Endnote">0</noteref>

but in the notes section, this is the first endnote that I have:
<note id="endnote-1" class="Endnote"><p>1 DeMallie, “Kinship: The Foundation.”</p>

I've had this happen many times, so it's not just this document.

Office 2010, Plugin version:
Windows 7

Save as DAISY has certain limitations as far as footnotes and endnotes are concerned. Please see this forum post, hopefully you will find the answer to your query - http://www.daisy.org/forums/18892

Understand that there are limitations, but this happens with every single document where I have endnotes even with the simplest formatting.

But as it looks like this is a known bug and there is no active development on the plugin anymore, I guess the blank footnote workaround will have to do. Thanks for linking to the old thread.