Takes forever to open a project


I get a tobi Project that I did some years ago in a pc with Windows xp, office 2010, sabe as Daisy add in, mathdaisy and mathype, and everything worked smoothly the translation to XML simple and as I remember every time that I opened the Project in tobi take some time but not forever, and now that I want to open it again and finish it with another pc Windows 10, office 2013 it simply takes too much in the part "rendering the document Coverting XUK markup" and really need to finish this Project any ideas, please help me, thanks I´ll really apreciate it

Hi LR,

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Can you please tell us the size of your project which you are trying to open in Tobi?
Waiting for your reply.

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Hello, could you please let us know which version of Tobi you are using?

Also, when was the last time you opened this project? (which version of Tobi?)

Finally, are you able to privately share the project, so we can try to open it at our end?

Thank you very much.

Regards, Daniel

Well I think the last time I opened the Project was a Little bit more than a year ago, the Word document is of 6MB with 595 pages long, the XML(translated with office 2010), is 1.9MB and the tobi Project is 3.36MB the structure of the document has headings 1, headings 2 everything was fine I edited before the translation to XML, to record the voice later using tobi,one thing more, as I remember after the tanslation the img of the MathML equations were in a separate folder, thanks

Have you tried to open this project with the latest version of Tobi v2.6? If you can share the project it will really help to locate the issue.

You could email the project to pverma(at the rate)daisy.org.