Looking for the Nordic scripts, pre-compiled



I have found some extra scripts, in addition to those delivered with Pipeline 2, that add a number of useful functions to Pipeline 2.


However, these scripts are delived in source only, i.e. not pre-built binaries.
As I do not have the rights to install the tools needed to build the binaries I'm wondering if anyone know if there are pre-built binaries (Windows 7 64 bit) available someplace ?

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Hi Colm.

I'm the main developer of those scripts.

Note that the scripts are fairly strict in terms of what types of content you can put into them. You can read more about the required markup by following the pointers at: http://nlbdev.github.io/nordic-epub3-dtbook-migrator/

The builds are currently available from: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6370535/nordic-epub3-dtbook-migrator/index.html

From there, you can download the dependencies and the latest build of the scripts (currently v1.1.0). To install, simply put those JAR files into the "daisy-pipeline/modules" directory where you installed Pipeline 2 (probably under "Program Files" if you're using Windows).

Best regards

Hello Jostein, Thanks for the links.

One final question : Is it correct to say that you propose that I copy the following jar files to the daisy-pipeline\modules directory ?


  • com.google.guava.guava-14.0.1.jar
  • org.apache.commons.commons-compress-1.5.jar
  • org.codehaus.jackson.jackson-core-asl-1.9.12.jar
  • org.codehaus.jackson.jackson-mapper-asl-1.9.12.jar
  • org.daisy.pipeline.modules.epubcheck-adapter-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
  • org.idpf.epubcheck-4.0.0-alpha12-SNAPSHOT.jar
  • xz-1.5.jar
  • nordic-epub3-dtbook-migrator-1.1.0-build_314-commit_13e61e4.jar


Best regards and thanks for your help,



Yes, I copied those files as indicated and then when I started pipeline 2 I see all the new scripts available.