Tobi v2.6 major software update


Dear Tobi users,

although there were a couple of beta-release updates in the past few months, this is the first public major application update since v2.5

Please take a look at the change-log to find out about the new and improved features that version 2.6 offers:

Many thanks to all of you who contributed feedback, we are looking forward to receiving more!

On behalf of the Tobi team,

Regards, Daniel Weck

New Tobi installed successfully and it does not ask for administrator permission to run. This is a welcome improvement.

Tobi seems to load quickly now as compared to previous version.

The words [offline installed] may now be removed from the Tobi desktop icon since there is no other way to install it now.

The "long file path" limitation still exists and should be fixed in the next update. This is a long standing demand from users.

The sequence of menus - File, Help, View... could be re-arranged.

Hello Prashant, thank you for your feedback!

The "long file path limitation" is inherent to Microsoft Windows / .NET filesystem APIs, so I am afraid there is very little Tobi can do about it. 

Regards, Daniel