Help Choosing a Portable DAISY Player


I'm considering purchasing a portable DAISY player. I have the NLS player, and I have DAISY players on both my iDevices and my Kindle Fire HDX. I'm looking for a hardware player, similar to the NLS player, but significantly smaller and with greater functionality. I have been looking at 3 players:

Blaze EZ
PlexTalk PTP1
Victor Stream (New Generation)

I just had a few questions regarding additional features.

I'd like a player that, of course, plays DAISY books. However, I'd also like to be able to play NLS BARD books, Audible aa or aax books, mp3 files where you can turn on a bookmark feature to keep your place in an mp3 audiobook, M4B Apple audiobooks, and epub and/or mobi files. Do any of the 3 players I listed above do this? If not, how many of these additional features would I lose with these players? Is there another hardware player that does have these features and is small and portable? Thanks so much for any thoughts on this. Oh, and yes, I know that I can convert files to other file types, but I'm trying not to have to do that. :-)


All high quality portable players you mention [Blaze EZ, PlexTalk PTP1 and Victor Reader Stream (New Generation)] support unprotected EPUB 2 files and bookmarking features. You need to convert .mobi and M4B files before you can enjoy them. All these players can play books from NLS. In addition, all these players can record.

PlexTalk Pocket allows saving recordings in DAISY 2.02 format. Blaze EZ also comes with built-in OCR and color reader.

Additional suggestions:

Book Port Plus is very much like PlexTalk PTP1, also allows making / saving recordings in DAISY 2.02 format. Credit card size Milestone 312 media player plays NLS content and works fairly well with iTunes. Comes with high-quality text-to-speech and a very good recorder.

There is a new DAISY / media player that was just released. This player supposedly supports both MOBI and EPUB files, but we have not yet tested this player. It does not support books from NLS. More information is provided at

Hope this helps.