Download free Daisy books


Dear all

I am finding a large of Daisy books (both of Daisy 2.0.2 and 3.0) for testing my application.
Can anyone tell me where I can download free books?
I heard about BookShared but it is free only for US students.
Your help is appreciated.

thank all.

You can download many DAISY books free of cost from the Sample Content area on the DAISY website.

Hope this will be sufficient for your testing.

Thank you very much for your link.
I downloaded books from there and I want more Daisy 3.0 books.
Do you have any other link?

Thank again.

Bookshare offers some free titles in DAISY 3 on their website.

There are also some sample books on the gh, LLC website at

In addition, sample books both in DAISY and EPUB formats can be found on the Dolphin website.



Thank you very much for your suggestion.