Amis windows 8 Runtime error


Have tried both aplha and beta versions, both through a c++ runtime error, can avoid that error by runing after install, however then the amis.exe crashes! Have tried reinstalling runtime, java, amis and runing under compatability modes for win 7, win xpsp2, both with admin. still no joy. Please supply link to older versions, as they may be clunky but at least they work.
Win8.1 64 bit on Toshiba i3

AMIS project page is at

You can download few AMIS old versions here. Please allow some time for this 28 MB file to upload to my Dropbox.

Note that AMIS has not been updated in many years and there is no assurance that it will work without any niggles on newer Windows versions.

You may like to have a look at the other options for reading DAISY listed on the DAISY website.

I knew it the oldest version 'SetupAmis1318_English' works a treat. Having flashbacks of loading windows 3.1 via diskette!