Configuring TTS?


I was trying to find information on how to configure the TTS voices, but couldn't find anything.

I'd especially like to know how to configure/choose which voice to use if I'm using the desktop webui. Maybe English female voice is already configured but I just don't know what xml:lang to use in my DTBook file?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

You can have a look at this draft documentation, it's a work in progress, and will be integrated in the new documentation we're working on.

Thanks though I'm still not entirely sure I understand what I would need to do.

I'm using the dtbook-to-daisy3 script via desktop webui and all I want is for the TTS engine to use a female voice, such as Samantha, instead of Alex.

I'm fine with uploading the TTS config file every time I run the script, but what would the config file need to look like? Is there anything I need to change in the DTBook itself?