Problem with pipeline 2 and script loading


Hello all,

I recently installed daisy and daisy pipeline 2 and tobi. When running db2 help in command prompt I receive message that web server is up but then I get a message that says "error loading scripts - from http://localhost:8181/ws/scripts."

can anyone help please?

I hope you are typing dp2 help in the command prompt and not db2. Have you also tried to run the web UI? You will find DAISY Pipeline 2 in the START >> PROGRAMS list. The default browser should open and Pipeline 2 scripts can be accessed from there too.

And make sure you have latest version of DAISY Pipeline 2. It is available at If the web UI also does not run, delete all files in the location %APPDATA%\DAISY Pipeline 2\.

Hope this helps.

Comment Body: Thanks for the prompt response. I am pretty sure I was running
dp2 but anyway when I run it now it returns message that it waited too long
(60 secs).

I deleted files from roaming/daisy pipeline 2 and tried web ui. It opens a
tab that just says starting pipeline 2 web ui and does nothing else....

I have installed latest version of daisy pipeline 2 and java and I am running
win 8.1.

thanks in advance for any help!

On my PC which also has Windows 8.1 when i face such issues i manually run C:\Program Files (x86)\DAISY Pipeline 2\daisy-pipeline\bin\pipeline2.bat. Then the Web UI or the command DAISY to EPUB 3 from Tobi also works.