How to know book type from ncc.html


Dear all

For Daisy 3.0 books, I can know book type (6 types) based on value of "dtb:MultimediaType" meta in *.opf file because this meta must be required for all Daisy 3.0 books.
But for Daisy 2.02 books, there is also ncc:Multimediatype meta but this meta is optional, therefore some books have this meta but some others dont' have.
so do you know how to confirm which book type from ncc.html? Especially I want to classify between Audio book (audio only, full audio and full text, full audio - part text, audio NCC) and text book (text only, text-part audio)?

thank you all.

Dear Dung,

I am afraid you will have to look outside the ncc file to determine the type of DAISY book wherever ncc:Multimediatype is not present.

if the value of the ncc:totalTime" is not zero then the book has audio. Further, if the book folder has other html files then the book has some text content too.

Note that DAISY 2.02 books with text only are not in wide circulation.

Dear PVerma

thank you very much for your advice, I think I will use Totaltime meta.

Thank again.