Tobi v2.5 new major feature: document structure editing


Dear users,


Tobi 2.5 is a major development milestone, with the introduction of structure editing features that allow adding content fragments to the document (e.g. page breaks, headings, or any arbitrary valid XML), as well as modifying the existing markup (e.g. delete, copy/cut/paste, etc.). This functionality is integrated with the robust undo-redo framework ; with full support for audio-text synchronisation ; which means that structure edits can easily be reverted if needed (e.g. in cases whereby the document XML becomes invalid). Although both DAISY DTBOOK and EPUB3 XHTML5 markup syntaxes are supported, Tobi's built-in validation feature is only available for DTBOOK documents. It is recommended that users become familiar with XML editing before modifying the document structure of their talking books.


Please visit the change-log linked below to see the other fixes and improvements that Tobi v2.5 brings:

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the Tobi development team.

my team found some problem with tobi 2.5. When they forgot some picture and would like to insert the new one in tobi project, tobi use tne new picture as a new project. When they export their project the new picture didn't fould in the whole project. I am sure which wrong .
If tobi 2.5 can work as picture eidting please give me some suggestion how can I do that?

Hello, I am afraid that at this stage Tobi supports only basic structure editing (i.e. DTBOOK and XHTML5 markup), it is not possible to insert external assets such as images.

Out of interest, how did you specify how to import a new image resource during structure editing? Did you use an HTTP URL (link)?


Thank you!

Regards, Daniel