Save As DAISY and OBI

I am a beginner. I saved a simple MS Word Document which has plain English words in DAISY format. It was successful I then used AMIS to vocalise the text of this DAISY Book. It was easy and the result was perfect! However, I have a request for help: I wish to add audio recordings at different points in a DAISY book created in this fashion. They recordings could either be my recordings or other MP3 files . I thought I would be able use OBI to open such a DAISY book and edit it and add recordings. However, OBI does not seem to have any means to open the file/s of this DAISY Book. What must I do?

Hello Probir,

First of all thanks for using DAISY tools.
I would suggest you to please use TOBI instead of OBI.
Using TOBI you can select the different text where you would like to add your recordings/mp3 files.
Here is the TOBI webpage,
you can visit the download page and download TOBI.
There is also a user mannual to help you out.

With Regards

Thank you Rachana. I will learn TOBI and try it. However, do you concur that the way is to (a) use MS Word to create textual matter, (b) followed by Save-As-DAISY and (c) invoke TOBI to finalise document creation?




The Save as DAISY and Tobi combination is a good way to create multimedia DAISY and EPUB books with human voice narration.

I recommend that after doing the text mark-up in Microsoft Word, convert it to FULL DAISY using Save as DAISY if it is a English document.

In case of other language documents convert it to DAISY XML.

This is because when FULL DAISY option is used in case of English documents, sentence level mark-up is done. In case of Indian languages, FULL DAISY conversion does not make a difference and the text is marked up at the level of paragraphs only.

What ever you do, in Tobi import the XML file from the folder created by Save as DAISY.

Then you can either record the text in human voice or import existing audio files and synch with text.

The following tutorials may be useful in this case:

Convert a Word document into a DTBook

How to convert a Microsoft Word document into a full text full audio DAISY Book in TTS voice

Tobi: Accessible DAISY Book Production Using the Human Voice

Text mark-up guidelines for Save as DAISY

Thanks, Prashant

Great to know that you will be learning Tobi for editing your
DAISY books.
MS Word Save As DAISY helps to create full text full audio book,so
Tobi is the only tool which should be used to create your full text full
audio DAISY books.

Whereas OBI is highly accessible, and powerful navigable audio book
production tool that enables
anybody to produce accessible and rich DAISY/EPUB 3 DAISY books.