DAISY to EPUB Format Troubles


When I change my DAISY to an EPUB via Tobi, the formatting found in the origin document is destroyed. Bolds, italics, tables, and colors, as well as indention's disappear in the final EPUB. Where and how can I stop this from happening? They are important to the documents, and I have gone through the preliminary accessibility steps in Microsoft Word, and done validation checks. Thank you.

Dear Anderson

Is the DAISY book created by Tobi, or have you created the DAISY book through save as DAISY and have used Tobi just for DAISY to EPUB 3. If the 2nd condition is true, then we will need to check out the problem with Pipeline 2 team, because Tobi uses Pipeline 2 in backend for converting DAISY to EPUB 3.

With Regards

I did it through Save As DAISY and then just used Tobi for the DAISY to EPUB option. Thank you


It may be that the conversion discards the CSS. Can you please send the result of the initial Save as DAISY step to rdeltour (at) gmail (dot) com ? I will try to reproduce and fix the conversion accordingly.