It is noticed that AMIS is not working/reading English or Tamil books and it shows error:
For English books: The XML page cannot be displayed Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.
For Tamil books: XML document must have a top level element. Error processing resource 'amisie:file:///c:/users/user_abc/downloads/oppiyal_i...
Some members also contacted me with this problem. You have any information on this. Please advice.
Also, every time to launch AMIS, I have to right click the icon and select “Run as Administrator”. Can this be corrected.
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Hi Venkat,

Thanks for your email. It sounds like a problem with either the book or with your machine configuration. Is Java installed? Are the books DAISY 3 or earlier?

Are you running Windows XP? If so, then yes, you have to run AMIS as the Administrator. Under WIndows 7, you should be able to run it as an ordinary user.

Hope this helps

Marisa ----- -----

Dear Marisa,

Part of the problem is due to upgrading Internet Explorer to v11. On latest OS, AMIS is not able to display the text in the content window. This problem as I discussed with you earlier I believe can be fixed only with an upgrade to AMIS.