List of EPUB3 readers with features


I'm starting to put together a list of software EPUB3 e-readers to allow me to decide which one I should be able to use for the books I'm producing.

Similar to the list on but with filtering/sorting abilities.

I'll also take guidance from the page in terms of features that are important for accessibility.

The features I'm going to include for each reader are :

  • Platform (i.e. Windows / MAC / Linux / iOS / Android / Chrome extension / Firefox extension)
  • Non-visual navigation
    • Can you go to chapters, sections - quickly?
    • Can you go to chapters, sections - easily?
    • Can you go to a specific page?
    • Can you go to the previous and next pages ?
    • Can you navigate by phrase ?
    • Can you search the whole book or only a chapter at a time?
    • Is movement/navigation through the book by headings meaningful and useful?
  • Phrase highlighting while reading
  • Can you increase/decrease reading speed ? While reading ?
  • Can you increase/decrease font-size ? While reading ?
  • Can you place bookmarks in the book?
  • Text To Speech
    • Can the e-reader use the host computer's TTS to read a text-only epub3 file ?
  • Formats
    • epub3 (text-only)
    • epub3 (media-overlays)
    • DAISY 2.02 (text-only)
    • DTBOOK
  • Date of first version
  • Date of most recent Version
  • Languages supported
  • License (Open Source / Freeware / Commercial)
  • Cost, if any

This is a work in progress and I'd appreciate any other suggestions.

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Hi Colm:

I suggest you also review the Accessibility section on the IDPF's EPUBZone site:,

DIAGRAM Product Matrices:,

as well as

Accessibility Screening Guidelines that are posted to the DAISY Consortium website:

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Thanks for the links, I'll have a rethink about whether my list is really necessary !

I had the interesting thought that a table with lots of bells and whistles (filters/sorting) might not be the most accessible, something to think about.

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