What standard should a beginner start with ? What beginner's autoring tool ?



I'm about to begin creating accessible content for my son. I'm hoping to create text only books and then have AMIS do the TTS.

I'm very familiar with XML so that side doesn't daunt me.
However I'm hoping to get a recommendation on which standard I should start with, i.e. DAISY 2.02, DAISY 3 or EPUB3 ?
Has the wholesale move to EPUB3 begun already and if so am I wasting my time starting with V2.02 ? Or if I start off with an EPUB3 tool like Bluegriffon or Jutoh, is it then standard practise to convert to DAISY 2.02/3 using Pipeline ?

Also if there are any recommendations on a beginners authoring tool, that would be great. I've briefly treid the Word add-on which seems relatively straightforward. If there are any slightly better tools, in the sub €100 price bracket, I'd love to hear about them. This all depends of course on the standard chosen.

Best regards and delighted to have found DAISY, no more reinventing the wheel.

Best regards / Colm

Dear Colm,

Since you want to create full text books, you should aim to create either DAISY 3 or EPUB3 files. Actually if you create DAISY 3, it can easily be migrated to EPUB 3 if required. Conversion from EPUB 3 to DAISY is not common or advised.

The Save as DAISY add-in for Microsoft Word is the most popular tool and it can easily convert any word document to both DAISY 2.02 and DAISY 3 format with TTS narration. Your son can then pick up either of them and read on a variety of mainstream devices like iPad, PC or dedicated portable DAISY players.

Before you convert the Word file, you should use styles to mark-up the headings, sub-sections, page numbers, images etc. Without this mark-up the resulting DAISY book will not contain much navigation points. The article "Text mark-up guidelines for Save as DAISY" should be your starting point. There are several tutorials and videos in DAISYpedia explaining the use of Save as DAISY add-in.

There are many more authoring tools for creating DAISY. You may like to have a look at Easy Converter which can work with many more types of input.

If you are comfortable creating EPUB3 files then you may do so with any of the authoring tools you like. However, do read and implement the EPUB3 accessibility guidelines and tips for creating accessible EPUB3. You may also like to read the article Making publications accessible for all.