Creating media


I'm very new to Daisy.  Bought a unit for my father now I want to create some media for him.

I have multiple books and plays as MP3 files.

I would like to be able to format some media so that he can skip to the next book as opposed to just the next chapter.

Is there some Daisy compatible tool to allow me to structure the files to allow this?


PS I have OBI but it seems to create WAV files and there is no indication that the project structure (Multiple books with multiple chapters) will be able to be burned to a CD.

You have not clearly mentioned this, but it seems that you have a CD based DAISY player.

If so, you can put several DAISY books on one CD and the DAISY player will detect all the titles and will allow you to choose the one you want to listen.

Before burning the CD you need to prepare and put in a "diskinfo.html" file. The process of creating this file is clearly described in the article Creating a distribution CD.

Let me know if this helps you, else do write again with your questions.

"You have not clearly" ??  I have not clearly done what?  PLease explain

You have not mentioned the make and model of the DAISY player you are using. Different types of DAISY players are available in the market. Depending upon whether they use CD or flash memory the process of loading books may be different. If you mentioned the DAISY player details, I will be able to help you better.

Thanks I'll check it out.  Dad lives in a retirem,ent home so I dont immediately have access to the device to get the model  I think its the

Victor Reader Stratus12 M DAISY MP3 player.  I made a normal mp3 disc for him of a single book and that works fine but now I want to find a way to add multiple multipart plays in a way where he can easily move from one book to another.  Not sure if that's possible.

I'll check out the link you gave me ( I'll also check the formatting of text on this forum).

Thanks again

Is there an application like OBI that will produce the XML requirements to allow me to publish an mp3 CD that consists of Multiple books each with multiple chapters and allow for easy navigation on the Victor Reader Stratus12 M DAISY MP3 player?


No additional software is required for you. There is no need to use Obi or any other software to prepare media for your Victor Stratus 12 player.

The Victor Stratus12 can detect folders in the media and allows the user to select books stored in different folders. You may look up the Victor Stratus12 manual that comes with the player to learn how to move between different titles stored in the CD or USB. The manual is available in DOC format on Victor website. I am copying the relevant section below for convenience.

3.3 Bookshelf
If the CD has multiple titles then you may press key 1 to access the book list. The Left and Right arrows (keys 4 and 6) allow you to move from title to title to choose the book you want. Press the Go To key to enter a relative book number. End the book number entry with the Confirm (Pound key) to move to the entered book number and remain on the bookshelf. When you've reached the desired book press Confirm or Play to open it. Pressing Play will have Stratus start to play from where you left off in the selected book.

So, you just need to put the books in different folders on the CD and then Victor should be abel to detect them and allow navigation first within the book titles and then inside the selected book.

Thanks for that. Much appreciated.


Dolphin Producer is not as powerful as Dolphin Publisher. It is designed for those who are visually or print impaired or anyone who makes alternative formats for them.