ZedAI to Epub3



We use the pipeline 1.6 to convert a valid ZedAI document into an eupb3 document. Now we want to add automatically pagenumbers to the epub3 document. Is there an option to add this to the pipeline script / stylesheet?


Hi Hendrik, What do you mean by automatically adding page numbers ? If the source ZedAI has pages marked up, they should be converted to the EPUB 3 by default. Can you show me a sample if it's not working as expected ? Thanks.


I should try to make it clear. We got a bunch of data (xml) from our supplier. We order this data and put it in a ZedAi document. We don't know the pagenumbers in that case. After we create the ZedAi we want to create an epub3 document from the ZedAi (including physical pagenumbers).


Hi hvdhoorn.

If there is no page numbers / page breaks in the input ZedAI, then there won't be any page numbers / page breaks in the output EPUB3. You will either have to add the pagenumbers in advance to the ZedAI documents, or add the pagenumbers afterwards to the EPUB3 publications.