Epub3: Empty title tags in content files


When converting a dtbook xml file to epub3 with pipeline2 1.8 it will split the content .xml file to several .xhtml files each containing a chapter (h1 section). The 'title' tag in the header of each file will stay empty. When importing this epub3 file to Tobi, Tobi will display in spine view not the name of the chapter but instead the name of the content file which will be in most cases something like 'split_1.xhtml' and not very meaningful.
In our opinion it would very useful the pipeline would copy the text content of the first 'h1' tag in each content file to the 'title' tag in the header of each file. In this case Tobi will display the name of the chapter in spine view which would make navigation easier while recording.


Yes, it sounds like a good idea. I've logged the request to our issue tracker on GitHub.