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Hello all,

I navigate pages by Ctrl + left arrow and Ctrl + right arrow and I hear content of new page without pae number.
Is this default feature of AMIS or my book has not page information?


Dear Dung,

To check whether your book has page announcements recorded in it, allow AMIS to play the book and watch out for page announcements.

If you hear page numbers during continuous playback but not when you navigate by pages then it may be due to one of the known limitations of AMIS. Due to a bug in Ambulant, a component used by AMIS, a small part of the phrase may get cut off during phrase navigation. So, when you try to go to the next page, AMIS should play the phrase containing the page number recording. When this phrase is very small in duration, which is generally the case, the phrase is not played.

Hope this clarifies the issue.