Is there any shortcut key to move between bookmarks


Dear all,

In my book (Daisy 2.0.2), I created some bookmarks for some important sessions, but I can not find a shortcut key to navigate between them. Any know?

Dung nguyen.

I guess you are using AMIS. If so, you can press ALT + B to access the Bookmark menu and then press the Down Arrow key to get the list of bookmarks added in the book open currently. Press Enter on any bookmark to reach the corresponding location in the book.

There is no keyboard shortcut to move to next or previous bookmark.


Thank you for your anser.
I still think that it would be more convenient if there is a shortcut key to move to next/previous bookmarks instead of accessing to menu bar.
one more thing, at the moment I know that we can delete or edit bookmarks from GUI or shortcut keys. If we want to do so, we need to edit or delete bookmark information from setting file. I do not think that all user can do it.
So I think we should have:
A shortcut key to delete current bookmark
- A function to delete all bookmarks (user can access this function from menu or a shortcut key).
It will be helpful.

Dung Nguyen.

Thanks, your suggestions will be feature requests for future releases.