installing amis on tablet


Hello, i want to install amis om my tablet. But when i want to install it it can not open and exe. What am i doing wrong? The download installs himselve on the laptop. But not on the tablet. Or is the download onl u for laptop. They told me that amis would work on a tablet.

What is the operating system in your tablet?

Tablets generally contain Windows RT or Android or iOS. AMIS does not work on these operating systems.

It is a samsung galaxy s3. If i see it correct the operating system isAndroid 4.1 Jelly Bean

You can install Darwin Reader or GoRead to read DAISY books on this Android device.

To know more about these tools please see DAISY Books on Mobile Phones and Multimedia Devices.

Darwin DAISY Reader Quick Start Guide is also available on DAISYpedia.

We also have an article on GoRead.