Converting XML to DTBook with Daisy Pipeline


My organisation (GIAA Paca) publish most of the braille books in France.
We receive now many XML from editors and we would like to convert them to PDF and DTBook.
Editors does not send us a DTD.
Is-it possible to get something with Daisy Pipeline without a DTD?

Sorry for my English. Sincerely yours

It basically depends on the XML you get from editors. If it's proprietary non-standard XML then you need to develop a converter from that XML flavor to DTBook. Depending on the technology you use to develop this converter (my recommendation would likely be XSLT), it can then be integrated in a Pipeline workflow.

A DTD is a "schema" describing an XML grammar (in other words, the allowed structure of a set of XML documents). You don't need a DTD if you know quite well and predictively the structure of the XML documents you receive from editors.


Thank you for your quick response.
To get text file I try to use Xslt, then I don't need any DTD.
But to get a DTbook or a PDF, I undestand than the DTD is necessary for each XML, the only possibility is to get them from the editors.
The French law is not very clear on this subject. I think we will have to get it modified!
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Hello Alfred,
For a PDF book there is no DTD as DTD's are only applicable to documents in some form of XML/SGML.
By studying the XML file you get from an editor it is possible to create a DTD which is not very strict, for example

If I understand, you want to transform the XML from the editors/publishers to DTBook first. This is where XSLT would be used and to do this I don't think you need a DTD for the input document (that depends on the XSLT engine you use).

If you want to generate PDF then either you would use XSL-FO to generate PDF using a tool like Apache FOP ( Otherwise, depending on the complexity of the PDF, you could generate the DTBook first, the transform that to EPUB3 using Pipeline 2 and then print to PDF from an epub3 reader.

If you want to discuss this more, I am based in Toulouse, work in the area of structured data and speak French relatively fluently. I am just beginning to work on DAISY/EPUB3 in relation to the needs of my 12 year old son.

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Colm OGAIRBHITH (06 41 67 96 39)

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Dans ma langue, il me sera beaucoup plus facile de vous exposer mon problème.
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PS: Mon association GIAA (section PACA à Toulon ): Nous publions 1000 livres braille par an dont la totalité des livres scolaires, réalisés avec mes programmes depuis 13 ans.