User defined CSS for Braille conversion


How can I use my own defined CSS for ZEDAI to PEF conversion ?
I tried adding it to the module package, but after that, the module failed to load.
Then I tried editing the existing "bana.css", but that also didn't work.

I am using Daisy Pipeline 2 cli v1.7

Thanks in advance

Hello Syed,

Thank you for using ZedAI to PEF. I would like to help you with your problem, but first I'd like some more info from you. How did you "add it to the module package" and how did you "edit the existing bana.css"? Does it mean you changed the source code and recompiled the modules? What exactly do you mean by "it didn't work"? Did you get an error message or did you get a result that didn't satisfy your expectations? Is there anything useful in the log files?

It shouldn't be needed to change any source code. As explained at [1] there are four ways to apply custom CSS to your document. Either by linking to an external stylesheet, by embedding a stylesheet in the header of your source document, by using inline styles (this is not really a practical solution), or by specifying a default stylesheet through the "default-stylesheet" option. Note that all these methods are complementary.

Hope this helps,


Thanks a lot Bert. Didn't knew that we can link to an external CSS in our document itself.
What I tried was to provide my own CSS in "default-stylesheet" option. To add my stylesheet to the module package I unpacked the "jar", copied my CSS, made an entry in the "catalog" and repacked the jar. Same thing I tried by editing the "bana.css" and repacking the module. In both the cases the web-service didn't load the module and when it loaded the result was unformatted as if no stylesheet has been applied.

Your solution will surely solve the problem. Thanks again,