Plase help to convert from TOBI to AMIS


hello good afternoon I wonder if someone could help me with two questions that I have, I have finished my audio book on TOBI, but to pass it on to AMIS text missing in the last chapters and the prologue a paragraph of Chapter 4 combined, I wonder if I can help you fix these problems before hand thank you very much

Dear Fernanda,

I need more information from you to troubleshoot this.

First, can you see the complete text in Tobi? Are you able to play the text and audio synchronized as desired in Tobi?

Secondly, please list out the steps you performed to create this book. Did you import an EPUB or DTBook XML file or DAISY book in Tobi?

It will be very helpful if you can also share the Tobi project folder with me. My email ID is pverma[at the rate]


Thanks Prashant
Do you mean, the text looks completely in Tobi and this audio-text synchronized normally, the problem is to export it to AMIS since the last chapters of the book listening to your audio but do not see the text, the second problem is that in the paragraph "prologue" to jump to title "IV" and returns to the text prologue.
DAISY is a book in which tobi'm doing, I would be helpful to share
the project folder you'd appreciate much just please Strengthen me your mail is ? To send it later, I appreciate your attention, greetings. Fernanda

You got my correct email ID. Please send the book.

I regret the delay but my book weighs 1 GB achievement no charge or for dropbox, do not know if this can cause failure and if so why stay so heavy my.

thanks again!
Greetings Fernanda

Dear Fernanda

How about setting up a session on Team Viewer?

If you are ready then please install team viewer and give me a time when I can chek why the book is not exporting correctly. I am 5.30 hours ahead of UTC time.

You may just send the exported folder which contains MP3 files. This folder which you have tested in AMIS must be much smaller in size.

Note that Tobi projects can be exported in DAISY format (File menu > Export) and you can choose to compress the audio in MP3 format.

Hi Prashant I have installed on my computer, and team viewer, as I do to reach you? at this time I am available.
I appreciate your attention
fernanda greetings

Let us communicate via Skype. Please add prashant.daisy to your Skype contacts so that I can call you.