word 2013 Com addin fails to load

I installed Save as Daisy including Java and everything appeared to go well but no accessibility tab and examining add-ins showed Daisy in list with no location and further showed DAISY un-ticked. Ticking and re-opening Word resulted in no change.

Operating system Windows 7 64bit and tried the latest full version of SaveasDaisy for office 2013 and then latest beta version

Error message at add-in "not loaded runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM add-in"

What next?


added details about system and error meessage

Dear Paul,

First, I hope you have chosen the correct version of the installer. You need to select the Save as DAISY installer as per version of Office. If you have 32 bit Office 2013, then try the 32 bit version of the Save as DAISY installer for Word 2013.

If you have already used the correct version but still you do not get the Accessibility ribbon then please try to enable Accessibility ribbon by performing the following steps.

1. In WORD OPTIONS click on ADD-INS and then in MANAGE list select DISABLED ITEMS.

2. If you see DAISY TRANSLATOR in the disabled items list then enable it.

3. Again open WORD OPTIONS and inside ADD-INS > MANAGE list select COM ADD-INS

4. If DAISY TRANSLATOR IS unchecked, put a checkmark against it and click OK.

Close and open Word to check if you now have Accessibility in the ribbon.

If not plese check what is the status in WORD OPTIONS > ADD-INS and let me know.


The DAISY files are in the start up directory and there are no disabled add-ins. I have attached a screen grab of the add-in-in window

Did not get the screen shot.

You may send it to my email ID - pverma[at the rate]daisy.org

Did you also try a complete uninstall and reinstall?

I couldn't find the image after I had uploaded it either.

I did a complete uninstall , reboot reinstall and it seems to have fixed it, It is now there and works. Thanks for your help another patient will be able to use our patient information.

Have the group considered creating such an addin for Adobe Indesign?


Good to know that Save as DAISY is now working on your system.

The EPUB 3 format has all the accessibility features desired by the accessibility community. Therefore, we are now trying that publishers just follow some of the accessibility guidelines while using tools like InDesign. If they do so, the books will be born accessible. Therefore, a Sav as DAISY plug-in for InDesign is not being pursued.

You may want to check out the article Using Adobe InDesign to create accessible EPUB 3 files on DAISYpedia. This article will give you all the information you need to create accessible EPUB 3 files from InDesign. These files will include rich navigation features available so far only in DAISY books.

with regards,