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What is "Preview before record on/off" on Tobi?

Hello Mayu, When you do Preview before Record as ON, then Tobi will play the part of audio. Then it will start the recording. . And when Preview before record is OFF this operation is not done. With Regards Rachana

Hello Mayu, when you turn this feature on, you can then listen to a short segment of audio immediately before the audio cursor (vertical bar inside the waveform display), and the recording will start automatically when playback reaches the preset position. This also works when there is an audio selection, which then gets overwritten by the new recording. Another "punch-in" recording mode consists in playing the audio, and manually invoke the record command when you hear the desired position. This results in overwriting the waveform audio after the initial cursor position. Regards, Daniel

Thank you Rachana,
Does it mean that Tobi will play the part of audio which is already recorded on the sentence?
When I switch it to ON, it says "this feature is not available", What would be a reason?
Thank you,

Thanks for reply Mayu. I am not able to get this message " This feature is not available", when I switch this feature ON. Can you please tell me which version of Tobi are you using. Regards.

Tobi version is v2.2.0.0.