Problems Save as daisy/office 2010

Hi, I hope you can help me.

I have been having problems with "save as daisy" i've already installed this software for microsoft office 2010 and open office but any of those two show me the toolbar of accesibility, my question is, which one could be the reazon?

Dear Jic,

Microsoft Word sometimes disables add-ins. Please try the following steps. Hopefully you will see the Accessibility ribbon at the end of it.

1. Open Microsoft Word 2010 and then click FILE and then click OPTIONS
2. In the CATEGORY list box click on Add-INS
3. In the MANAGE list box select DISABLED ITEMS and Click GO
4. If you see DAISY TRANSLATOR in the next list then select it and click ENABLE and then click OK
5. Now check if you have ACCESSIBILITY in the ribbon. If not then perform the steps given below.
6. Again click FILE and click OPTION
7. In the ADD-INS category in the MANAGE list box select COM ADD-INS this time
8. Now in the list that comes up make sure there is a checkmark against DAISY TRANSLATOR and click OK.
9. Check if you have ACCESSIBILITY in the ribbon now.

Hope these steps help you.
If not then please do write back with details of operating system, and the version of save as daisy you have installed.