Tobi 2.2 released with implementation of 1st Set of Priorities Expressed by DAISY Members


Dear All,

Tobi 2.2 is released.

It comes with one of the feature requested by the DAISY members, “split and merge” functionality. This feature empowers users to divide a Tobi project into sub-projects. These sub-projects can be used for parallel production by distributing the workload across a team of narrators. Sub-projects can later be re-assembled to form a completed and updated Tobi project. Please note that in this release, the project "split and merge" functionality works with DAISY 3 books only. It will be implemented in the EPUB 3 production workflow in early 2014.
This feature is the first outcome of the refactored back-end of the “Urakawa SDK”, which has been improved to support structure editing of complex markup, necessary for implementing the structure editing feature in Tobi.

Other new enhancements in Version 2.2 include:

  • Single key shortcuts to make recording more convenient: ‘M’ (start monitoring), ‘R’ (start recording) and ‘space’ (stop recording)
  • Integration with the latest version of Pipeline 2 (Version 1.7)
  • Improved MSI, an offline re-distributable installer

To review other enhancements and bug fixes in this release, please go to the change log:

Please visit the Tobi project area to download Tobi or to know more about it:

Obi-Tobi project team would like to thank all contributors and supporters of the Tobi project.

with regards
Obi-Tobi Team