Reading bookshare Content with AMIS/Position Not Always Preserved When Restarting amis


Hello. I am using version 3.1.3 of AMIS with books from bookshare. very often, when I close AMIS and then restart it my last reading position is not retained and I am placed at the top of the book when I relaunch AMIS. Is this a bug?
also, I'm wondering if development with AMIS is still continuing.

thank you for producing this program; I'm really enjoying it immensely.

This issue can occur when the computer or AMIS crashes while reading a book. AMIS may not be able to save the last read position of the book in such circumstances.

I tested AMIS with several Bookshare books and AMIS did open the book at the last read position everytime.

You may try to clear AMIS settings and try to test the books again. See the section "Clear potentially corrupt files" on the AMIS troubleshooting tips page

AMIS is currently under maintenance mode and known bugs may be fixed in the near future.

Hope this helps. Please do write again if the issue persists.

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