DAISY2.02 to EPUB3 convert


I converted DAISY2.02 book to EPUB3 book using Pipeline2. And tried EPUB validation at IDPF website [1].
Then, I got error messages for each audio file as below.
"Media Overlay audio refernence EPUB/Content/tsunami_000b.wav to non-standard audio type audio/x-wav"

Original audio files were PCM 22050hz mono wav files.

What would be a cause of this error message?

You can download a book which I made from the URL below.

[1] http://validator.idpf.org

Hi Mayu, your message is in my spam box, sorry for the late reply! :)


You need to encode audio files using MP3 or MP4 (AAC LC) instead of raw WAV PCM.




In fact, besides the fact that WAV files are invalid and unnecessarily large, I have recently noticed playback problems with Readium on OSX and iOS, which suggests that QuickTime does not like to stream raw WAV audio.


Regards, Daniel

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your quick reply!
Error messages disappeared.