Tobi 2.1.2 alpha (for test feedback only)


Dear Tobi users,


version 2.1.2 is a special "alpha" release (aimed at gathering test feedback) that offers a new feature called "split-merge project". This is a first step towards structure editing functionality, currently focusing only on dividing an entire Tobi project into several sub-projects. This can be useful for distributing the workload across a team of narrators. If you are interested in trying out this new feature, please download the MSI installer from this dedicated page, which also contains some basic documentation:


The main Tobi download page still distributes v2.1.1, which is the latest stable release. Please refer to the main download page if you need information about installation pre-requisites. You can safely install Tobi v2.1.2 (using the provided alpha MSI installer) in parallel with your existing stable ClickOnce or ZIP installation. Your current MSI installation will be replaced, but it can easily be restored if necessary.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Kind regards, Daniel