I've been reading the Save as DAISY introduction and I was wondering how can I import sidebars in my documents.


Dear mela, You may apply the "Prodnote - Optional (DAISY)" style on the sidebar text in Microsoft Word. Note that this style will be available only when you click the "Import" button on the Accessibility ribbon. This style will have the same effect as a sidebar in the DAISY book. Prashant

Dear Prashant,

Thank you for your reply. I am interested in making something like this sample (http:// www. sample-content#t7) which has skippable elements. If I use producer's notes they are going to appear like producer notes in the navigation in AMIS. Is there no other way?


Dear Vasiliki, I know this will sound strange, but people use a workaround. Apply the producer note style on items that you want to mark as sidebar. after translating the word document, open the xml in a text editor like notepad. Now find the words "prodnote" and replace it with "sidebar". Try it out, this works. Prashant