WebUI desktop installation help


I downloaded the desktop installer EXE, & ran that. Configured my PATH to include java and confirmed that works OK (can run java -version from a command window. When I launch the webui, my browser (Chrome) shows the following:

Daisy Pipeline 2 Starting the Pipeline 2 Web UI... [broken image]

That's all that ever happens.

Don't even know where to start debugging that ... probably something very basic and stupid on my part!


I'm sorry the installation/launching user experience on the "desktop" web UI is not ideal; you're not alone, and it's probably not something on your part. We're aware of some limitations and plan to work on a better desktop solution in the longer term.

Now, let's try to troubleshoot your issue:

Could you please try and run the server separately, by going to a console window and launch the %PIPELINE_HOME%\bin\pipeline2.bat batch script ? Please send back the log report to me.

Thank you,

%PIPELINE_HOME% is not defined in my environment. I went to the DAISY Pipeline 2\daisy-pipeline\bin folder and ran pipeline2.bat and got the following response:

Files\Java\jre6"" was unexpected at this time.

Note: my Java Home is "C:\Program Files\Java\jre6" (with quotation marks). Let me know if you need more info. No further log info that I saw, but I don't know where Pipeline stashes its log files.


Can you please try to unquote your JAVA_HOME variable ?

FYI, manually configuring the environment variable should no longer be required if you use the installer AND you pre-installed Java. But obviously it seems to choke when some variables are defined manually. We'll see how we can fix the launcher script.