Problem with footnotes



I got a problem with my footnotes, when my book is on Amis, the program only read the number of the footnotes but no the text in the paragraph before the number. And is played with the robotic voice not the one i recorded. What can i do?

Dear zatomushi,

I am not sure if I understood your problem clearly.

If AMIS is skipping the footnotes then you should chek the READING OPTIONS in INFO menu. Make sure FOOTNOTES is selected. If the FOOTNOTES checkbox is unchecked then AMIS will not read the footnote references.

If the DAISY book does not have audio synchronized to text, then the TTS voice is used to read the text. Further, AMIS is a self voicing application, if you do not want to hear the menu items and prompts in TTS voice then you can switch it off in FILE menu > PREFERENCES.

If you are still not able to play the book properly then consider sending the book to me for evaluation. My email ID is pverma[at the rate]



Hi Prashant.

I wil try to be more clear.

1. Amis is reading the footnotes but no the paragraph where is inserted, just the numbers
2. When is readin the numbers of the footnotes, is read by me and by the TTS voice at the same time.

Nevertheless i'm going to send you my book


I checked the book you sent me thoroughly. At present this book is not complete and has many validation errors. Several files are missing. The most important is the dtbook.xml which contains the complete text of the book and references to smil files for each text element.

Apart from this many audio files with names like aud005.mp3, aud007.mp3 are also missing. I am also sending the validation report for details.

Either you could not send me the complete folder or something happened and these files got deleted from your computer itself. Without a complete book one cannot expect proper playback in AMIS. Further since the critical DTBook.xml file is missing it is also not possible to check if the audio is correctly synchronized with the text of the footnote.

The xml file you sent me is the source file created by Save As DAISY. You would have used this to create the full DAISY book.

Please check the tobi project thoroughly. If all data is available in Tobi, you should export and create DAISY book again.

In any case do let me know of the outcome.



I checked the complete book you sent to me again. As I have explained to you in my email, if the imported XML has proper mark-up then Tobi will properly highlight all the text fragments including the footnote reference and footnote text.

Use only the buttons and commands available in Tobi to highlight and synchronize text and audio. Manual selection and recording can lead to problems in synchronization.