Library public CPU station


I am about to purchase a couple of CPU to pilot-test an accessibility station for the blind and visually challenged in a college library. The crucial thing about it is to enable it with the best peripherals and software onew can get for the money.

I know this forum is probably not the proper place to get advice, but I do not know where to look at. Can anybody point me?

Yet, if this is a good place, there are some doubts I would like to clear out. Can anybody advice me on these?

1) What software programs (free or commercial) do you consider A MUST? (For example, is Jaws a must, or can I replace it for some other less expensive o free software which do the same?)

2) What commercial software programs do you consider NICE ADDITIONS?

3) What hardware peripherals do you consider A MUST?

4) Are there specific brands or models that I should look for?

Any advice will be very helpful and appreciated.

Dear Julio,

This is indeed not the best forum for your queries. However, as a heavy assistive technology user I would like to make some comments.

1. JAWS is a very popular screen reader. You can download and install NVDA if you are looking for a replacement. NVDA is free and opensource -

2. I think a computer in the library should have all peripharals and applications that make reading and writing easier. A scanner with a OCR application I think is a must. And then you should install our own DAISY book reading apps.

If you are setting up this computer to provide access mainly to visually impaired then the information on this AFB page may be useful:


Dear Prashant,

thank you very much for pointing the roght place to go.