Tobi 2.1 istalled but cannot run


I successfully installed Tobi 2.1, however, it cannot run. When I double click the icon, the program will initialize and the icon will soon be locked in the task bar, but when i click it again there will be no response. What's wrong?


It looks like .NET is not installed properly.

Please could you specify your operating system (e.g. Windows 7 32 bits).

Did you install the ClickOnce or MSI installer version of Tobi?

NET4 or NET3?

Thank you!


The operating system of my computer is Win 7 32 bits, and I installed MSI installer version of Tobi, NET 4.

Hi, to see if anything is working, type 'tobi' as search item at Windows start. In the selection that comes up once you've hit Enter should be a 'Tobi.exe'. Click that, and tell us what happened.